'Arte di Vita Natural Fabrics' is a carefully curated collection of natural fabrics. Our founder and interior designer has selected these fabrics based on their origin. She is essentially a colorist. Her distinctive view on colours enabled her to create a collection of paint colours and fabrics in matching colours with which to create harmonious interiors. All of the fabrics, mostly linen and hemp or a combination of the two, have been produced in an ecological, sustainable way in European mills, part of the 'Masters of Linen' association. Linen is a textile woven from the fibres of the flax plant which doesn't require irrigation and is good for the soil. Hemp originates from the cannabis sativa plant. It is spun into fibres and woven into a wonderful textile with many useful features such as heat regulation. 

Our fabrics are available at a minimum of six or ten metres.

Because a computer screen can't offer an exact representation of the colour and texture of the fabrics, we highly recommend ordering sample fabric swatches (maximum of 5) free of charge. 

Antique Rose

From €1.289,50

Como Amalfi

From €739,50

Como Amalfi 2

From €619,50

Cortona Muted Pink

From €859,50

Cortona Pale Rose

From €619,50

Cortona Per Lei

From €859,50

Elba 02

From €689,50

Elba Natural 01

From €689,50

Garda Natural

From €929,50

Garda Stripe

From €869,50

Lucca 08

From €795,00

Padua Pearl

From €737,50

Roma 08

From €789,50

Roma 23

From €789,50

Roma Flax

From €789,50

Soothing 01

From €739,50

Soothing 02

From €739,50

Soothing 03

From €799,50