Fabrics - Linen

Our 'Linen' collection consists of several linen fabrics woven from the flax plant. These linens are available in different widths and weight categories, in beautiful natural tones, pastel colours and different stripe patterns. They're suitable for light upholstery and curtains. The minimum order amount is 10 metres.


Como Amalfi

From €739,50

Como Amalfi 2

From €619,50

Cortona Muted Pink

From €859,50

Cortona Pale Rose

From €619,50

Cortona Per Lei

From €859,50

Garda Natural

From €929,50

Garda Stripe

From €869,50

Lucca 08

From €795,00

Soothing 03

From €799,50

Soothing Healing

From €849,50

Summerbreeze - Ivory

From €999,50

Verona 38

From €839,50

Verona 41

From €839,50