Soothing Colours

Our founder, interior designer Alexandra van Cruyningen, created these eight beautiful calming tones of blue/green chalk paint, some with more hints of blue and others with more hints of green, to be used in rooms to create an atmosphere with a soothing effect on people. We also have a collection of 'soothing' natural fabrics that match these soothing colours exactly. Perfect for nurseries, nursing homes, hospital rooms or just at home for that much needed peace and quiet. 

38. Zen chalk paint

From €13,50

Soothing 01

From €739,50

Soothing 02

From €739,50

Soothing 03

From €799,50

Soothing Healing

From €849,50

Verona 38

From €839,50

Verona 41

From €839,50