Staying at Home

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Once again on our blog our Per Lei backdrop on display and featured on the wooden table our linen napkins ‘Cortona 19’.
Draped on the left is our linen fabric ‘Cortona Per Lei'.

Staying at home is challenging, so we try to focus on the beautiful things that surround us. Curling up in a chair to read that book we never seemed to find the time for.
And if we cannot visit family or friends, we meet them by video calling them. 

It's lovely to dress up your table in a festive way and meet online to raise a glass of wine. One evening we dined at home, ordering food from a local restaurant supporting them to make it through this crisis. We dressed up as if we were actually dining out and had a great evening!


Besides enjoying the sun in our backyard or on our balcony as much as we can, we keep our home tidy and create a cozy atmosphere. We painted our walls last winter so everything looks and feels fresh and clean.

Combine wooden floors and furniture with natural products and fabrics as linen or hemp, add some flowers or green leaves from your garden and make yourself as comfy as possible.


We hope you are all in good health and able to make the best of it.
Stay home and stay safe!


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