'Arte di Vita Interiors' is an interior design studio founded by interior designer Alexandra van Cruyningen and is run by a small, dedicated team.  'Arte di Vita' is Italian for 'the art of living'. It all started when we opened our boutique B&B and holiday homes in Tuscany eight years ago. We wanted to share the wonderful 'slow' life in Tuscany with others, the literal slower pace, more in tune with nature and the seasons, the seasonal produce, the authenticity of the area, that inspires people to live more in harmony with their surroundings. For us, the way we decorate our homes is part of that way of life, in particular the materials we use and the colours. We believe that if your interior reflects nature, rather than contrast it, it will have a more calming effect on both mind and body and in that way, it will contribute to your wellbeing.

After years of searching for the perfect paint colours and fabrics for interior projects, Alexandra decided to create her own range of chalk-based paint and mineral-based, natural lime paint in muted colours inspired by nature, carefully curate a collection of natural, sustainable fabrics and design a collection of made-to-order home furnishings. In our studio in the Netherlands we make the cushions, lampshades, throws and other home furnishings by hand from our fabric collection. We make them on a made-to-order basis, because creating in bulk, having a huge storage means an intensive production process, which is not good for the environment. Because we care about the environment, we have also selected only fabrics that are produced sustainably in Europe. If you'd like to read more about the production of our fabrics, click here

If you'd like to know more about our boutique holiday accommodation in Tuscany or about our interior design services, visit our website