Chalk paint

The Arte di Vita chalk paint collection consists of 45 muted colours, created and mixed by hand by our founder & interior designer Alexandra van Cruyningen in cooperation with our Dutch manufacturer. Alexandra took her inspiration from nature and the light in Northern Europe and Tuscany. The beautiful calming tones arose from the vision that colours are important for both mind and body. Our chalk-based paint stands out because of its excellent cover, firmness after drying and its pleasant lemony scent. The paint has a matte, powdery effect because of its consistency as well as the muted colours ('toned down', pastel-like but with more depth of colour). 

Because a computer screen can't offer an exact representation of the colours, we recommend ordering our hand-painted chalk paint colour chart or sample cards of our chalk paint colours. These small hand-painted paper cards (8.6 x 5.5 cm) are free of charge (if you order a maximum of five sample cards).